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Action Sudbury is a non-profit community organization comprised of individuals and agencies with a common goal to eliminate the tragedies caused by impaired drivers in the Sudbury Area. This volunteer group was formed in 1984 by the efforts of the late Mayor Peter Wong and citizens Bill and Linda Ryan who had just lost a child to an impaired driver. The Ryan's approached Mayor Wong to see if the City could do anything regarding impaired driving in Sudbury.

Peter Wong, Chair of Action Sudbury was involved with the initiation of O.C.C.I.D.  On Saturday, June 6th, 1998, Peter Wong, Sudbury Regional Chair, (and President of Action Sudbury) died suddenly while on a training course in Regina. He was 66. We at Action Sudbury continue Peter's fight against Drinking and Driving.

Action Sudbury continues to fulfill it's mandate, under it's current Chair Ron Roy.

One of Action Sudbury's many initiatives is the Red Ribbon Campaign. Action Sudbury distributes Red Ribbons to business and organizations throughout the Sudbury area, during the Christmas season. 

Another initiative of Action Sudbury's is OPERATION LOOKOUT! The City of Greater Sudbury overwhelmingly supports the fight against Impaired Driving. You can help by participating in OPERATION LOOKOUT program and report Impaired Drivers. Why Should I get involved? Drunk drivers cause more deaths, injuries and destruction than all murders, rapists and robbers combined. Every 4 hours someone is killed by an impaired driver. Every 20 minutes someone, somewhere in Canada falls victim to an impaired driver and every year over 40% of all traffic collisions involve alcohol. Drunk driving costs Canadians tens of millions of dollars annually in court costs, rehabilitation, lost earnings, health care and social programs. This money comes directly out your pocket through taxes and lost revenue.

In Ontario each year over 30,000 people are charged with impaired driving offences. That is one person every 17 1/2 minutes. Over 41,000 drivers licences are currently under suspension as a result of impaired driving convictions.
What can you personally do to reduce these statistics, with OPERATION LOOKOUT and working together you can make a difference. When you see an impaired driver CALL 911 and provide the Police with the following information:

1. State you are following or have seen an impaired driver!
2. State your location.
3. Describe the vehicle, licence Number, color, make & model.
4. Direction of travel.
5. Description of driver.

That's all you need to do with OPERATION LOOKOUT, there is no further commitment on your part!

Action Sudbury is still involved with O.C.C.I.D, an organization founded by the late Peter Wong. Action Sudbury member Rollande (Rolly) Mousseau, just won the second annual O.C.C.I.D Peter Wong Award! The Peter Wong awarded is presented to the volunteer, “whose dedication and motivation inspires others to join together to stop impaired driving.”

Action Sudbury  support's the Young Snowmobilers Ride. The ride is open to youth from the ages of 12 to sixteen.

The Action Sudbury Bursary, the bursary is open for secondary students entering College or University. For further info on the Action Sudbury Bursary, please contact your high school guidance counselor.

Action Sudbury, purchased a roadside breath screening device for the City of Greater Sudbury Police service. And purchased a second unit for the S.T.O.P. Program.

Action Sudbury's, Musical Ambassadors the Evolutionary Band performs throughout Ontario. This great high school band delivers a strong anti-drinking & driving message at there concerts. The Evolutionary Band, also appeared on the JUNO AWARDS!  

Action Sudbury, leased a van for the crime prevention branch of the City of Greater Sudbury Police Service.

Action Sudbury, sponsors four annual R.I.D.E.  spot checks. City of Greater Sudbury Police Service conducts the R.I.D.E. spot checks and then invoices Action Sudbury the cost of police officers wages involved with the spot checks!

Action Sudbury, financially supports O.S.A.I.D. (Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving) in the City of Greater Sudbury ! 

Action Sudbury, financially supports the Road Safety Challange in the City of Greater Sudbury.

Action Sudbury, is an active member of the Sudbury Community Focus Group!

 Action Sudbury is proud to support the Arrive Alive Bottle Drive, at participating, “Beer Stores” in the City of Greater Sudbury. Arrive Alive Bottle Drive is an initiative of the “Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving” and “The Beer Stores” throughout the province of Ontario.

action6.jpg The above mention programs are just a few of the initiatives Action Sudbury is involved with, we the crew at Action Sudbury wish You and Your family a safe and happy life style! 




Get involved - Join Action Sudbury!