S.T.O.P. Sudbury encompasses all of O.F.S.C District 12 and portions of  O.F.S.C District 11 & 14. We average 2 search & rescues, per season. We own  a Cargo rescue sleigh equipped  with; Spare fuel, Snowmobile oil, 2 artic sleeping bags, G.P.S unit, first aid kit, projectile flares, Trauma kit, floating rope, snowmobile tow bar, first aid kit, survival kit, snowshoes, ax, shovel, siphon hose, Propane lantern, propane Stove, emergency food rations & other items deemed necessary. 

We also have at our disposal 8 rescue sleighs owned by the Sudbury Trail Plan, located through out the S.T.P. Trail System. The sleighs holds a number nine ambulance  stretcher.

Listed below are some letters of recognition for our search & rescue work.

File #291/640
23 March 1998
To Special Constable Jim Robinson, O.F.S.C Provincial S.T.O.P. Coordinator, 3767 Hwy. 69 South, McFarlane Lake Complex, Sudbury, Ontario P3G lE3

On behalf of the Ontario Provincial Police and the Traffic and Marine Safety Bureau I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the efforts of Special Constables Norm Hein, Robert Chartrand and Real Demore.

These officers were instrumental in the search and rescue efforts for 6 missing snowmobilers on Tuesday March 10th north of Sudbury. They started riding at 5:00 A.M. and over 300 kilometers and 14 hours later they were finally able to rest. They went above and beyond the call of duty as they escorted these snowmobilers from Scarecrow Lake to Elk Lake to ensure their safety. Their outstanding efforts represented the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs and the S.T.O.P. program in an impressive manner.

The hours S.T.O.P. volunteers contribute to helping make snowmobile trails in the Province of Ontario safe is indeed inspiring but efforts such as these are outstanding.

Please convey my gratitude and thanks to Special Constable Robert Chartrand and Special Constable Real Demore for their dedication and professionalism.

To Special Constable Norm Hein I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance he gave to Constable André Taschereau in the planning of this search. His expertise and knowledge was invaluable in ensuring the safety of all those involved. The Ontario Provincial Police are proud to be associated with all of these officers.

C.F.Johnson O.P.P.Traffic Superintendent, O.P.P.Traffic and Marine Safety Bureau

March 9, 1996

Mr. Bert Grant, President,
Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
Barrie, Ontario

Mr. B. Grant;
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to several of the local S.T.O.P. officers here in the Sudbury area.

Last Saturday night, the Sudbury O.P.P. received a report of four overdue snowmobilers. This group included a 13 and a 7-year-old. We received this call at approximately 2:45 A.M. A call was placed to Mr. Norm Hein, who is the local O.F.S.C S.T.O.P. coordinator, and within a very short period of time he had arranged for additional persons to accompany him on this search. Provincial S.T.O.P. Coordinator, Jim Robinson and Special Constable R. Albert and trainee G Lamarche were called and were ready to continue the search when the foursome were located.

Their quick response and obvious dedication is indeed gratifying. With their knowledge of the trail Systems in our area their assistance to us and to the citizens of Ontario is to be commended.

Again their assistance to us is greatly appreciated.

S/Sgt. J.Gibbs Sudbury Detachment Commander, Sgt. L. Beach Espanola Detachment, Sgt. L. Beach, Sudbury Communications Center
cc; S/Sgt. R. Roy, Provincial Coordinator STOP


March 4, 1996

S.T.O.P. Program

Box 2900, Station "A"

Sudbury On.

Dear members of the S.T.O.P. Program:

We would like to extend a sincere "Thank You" to the members of S.T.O.P. Program who assisted with the search and rescue team in trying to locate us.

We are very fortunate to have groups of individual's like yourselves, who show a real interest in taking the time out in trying to help people in emergency situations.

Your concern and efforts have been greatly appreciated and will always be remembered.

Once again "Thank You"

Pete & Steven Meyer

Coniston, Ontario